2011 Group Photos


After wrapping up last year's parade season with the Double Ten parade, we made it a point to freshen up room 408, or as most members call it -- The Office. We added a new couch for guests, parents and potential members to sit on. A large plasma television was donated to the Corps in which we mounted onto the wall. The biggest change though was replacing all the photos of yesteryear that had been hanging on the office walls for at least five years. They pictured the Corps of the past, and not one person currently marching were in any of those photos. Now the images represent the Corps' current group of dedicated members through the 2011 season. We will update these photos every year moving forward as we focus on laying down future legacies. If you're alumni reading this, don't worry. We will be organizing the old photos in our collection for all to enjoy both at the school and online! 2011 was another great year, please enjoy the photos!