Asian In NY 4th Annual Moon Festival and Fashion Show


This year we were invited to open up the 4th Annual Moon Festival and Fashion Show by Asian In NY. Though it was our first time performing at the event, we felt right at home. It didn't hurt that the show took place in the New York Chinese School auditorium. Our commute was about 5 flights of stairs. Not bad! We didn't know quite what to expect, but as we headed down for a quick run-through we quickly realized this was going to be a fun performance. Performers and models alike were scurrying around preparing for the evening. Chairs were being put in place for the sold out event. Vendors were setting up their tables. The runway was being put down. So much was going on, and we were going to be a part of it!

With all the pre-show activity, we ended up not doing a run-through on stage since we were already familiar with the space any way. Instead we headed back up to the gym to run through our repertoire which consisted of America the Beautiful, Be Not Afraid, Simple Gifts, Foxy Lady and LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem. After a few runs we were set and awaited our call time.

As we headed on stage to perform, we got a lot of  "Awwws" from the crowd. It's safe to say those were for our younger members. They do help in the cute factor. Our Chinatown even said we had "adorable faces".  The stage lights were bright, but the energy from the crowd was even brighter. You could hear people singing along to some of the tunes as each song built up to a warm round of applause. We seemed to have warmed up the crowd for a great evening ahead.

Thank you Asian In NY for inviting us to perform! Photos below courtesy of Asian In NY.