Crimson Kings Performs at D.C.I. East Allentown as Soundsport Team

As we embark on a new Lunar new year and prepare for the upcoming summer drum corps season, we remember a tremendous highlight from last year. On August 1, 2014, the Crimson Kings Drum Corps marched on the field for the first time in 22 years with our field show program “Skyward”!

The members and staff worked very hard that summer and we were very proud of all the dedication and tremendous effort of everyone in the organization. Our brand new color guard instructor Matthew Miller was able to create and teach flag and saber routines in less than a month’s time. We were also able to field a front ensemble of xylophone, marimba and suspended cymbal, our first functioning fielded pit in 20 years. Thanks to our volunteers, parents, and alumni, we were able to travel to Allentown, PA to perform at legendary J. Birney Crumb Stadium as part of Drum Corps International Eastern Classic (DCI East) as a Soundsport team.


Afterwards in the stands, we watched world class corps like Santa Clara Vanguard and the Blue Devils. The next day we went to Dorney Park and had fun on the rollercoasters and waterpark attractions. It was a great way to end a incredible summer season for the Corps as we saw many of our veteran members head to college and back to middle and high school. Congratulations Crimson Kings!

2014-2015 Crimson Kings Drum Corps field show program “Skyward” premiering in exhibition courtesy of Soundsport at DCI East Allentown, PA 8/1/14


  • The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (from Castle in the Sky)
  • Simple Gifts -Therru’s Song (Teru No Uta)
  • Braemers Highlander
  • Ode To Joy
The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.
— Sir James Matthew Barrie

This was  the Corps’ first field show in 22 years. Established in 1953, and based in New York City, CKDC members ages range from 9 to 19. It is one of the few junior drum corps still remaining in New York City.

Full picture albums can be found here on the Crimson Kings Facebook page

2014-2015 New York Crimson Kings Drum, Fife, & Bugle Corps
Director: Timothy Ko
Assistant Director/music arranger/drill writer: Vincent Veloso
Drum Caption Head/drum music writer: Chez Bryan Ong
Color Guard Caption Head/color guard writer: Matthew Miller
Brass Instructor: Mark Morgan
Brass Instructor: Jon Lijoi
Drum instructor: Johnny Molina Jr.
Fife Instructor: Charlotte Isabel Acevedo
Drum Major: Stanley Chow
Field Captain: Maxwell Lee
Color guard Captain: Jon Kwok
Drum Captain: Jennifer Huang
Brass Captain: Winnie Xu
Fife Captain: Jenny Li