New Drum Instructor Zac Robason Joins the CK Team – Q&A

Drum Instructor Zac Robason instructing  the Crimson Kings Snares

Drum Instructor Zac Robason instructing  the Crimson Kings Snares

Zac Robason has joined the Crimson Kings as a drum instructor. He has marched with the Teal Sound Drum & Bugle Corps and was the former Percussion Caption Head for Spokane Thunder Drum & Bugle Corps. While he pursues a Master's degree in Percussion Performance at NYU, he's working hard at helping build a solid Crimson Kings drumline. Get to know him better with the following Q&A session.


CK: Please describe your teaching style

ZR: First I assess everyone’s current playing level, which will help me decide how to approach teaching them. For example, do we start with the basic fundamentals? Or do we start with more difficult rhythms and techniques? I have very high expectations, because I know the kids can reach that level. I’m supportive and I definitely give praise when something is played really well, but at the same time I’m always pushing my students to the next level. I want them to be the best that they can be


CK: What goals are you setting for the drum line in 2015?

ZR: I’m interested in teaching new ideas about sound concepts and how to play together, and clean, with a good quality of sound.


CK: What has been the most pleasant surprise so far working with the Crimson Kings?

ZR: That the kids work so hard! I love that kind of attitude and can’t wait to help them translate their hard work into really fine playing.


CK:What do you hope to bring to the Corps?

ZR: An expectation to play at a really high level of execution.


CK: What message would you like to say to the Corps?

ZR: I’m thrilled to be a part of this organization and I look forward to working really hard and giving you everything I have.


CK: What is your favorite thing about the drum corps activity?

ZR:The sense of a family. Drum corps brings together people from all over who can create friendships and share a love of music. We all work hard together and will bond over our shared struggles and successes.


CK: If your students can take one thing away from being a part of a drum corps, what would you hope it to be?

ZR: Dedication. Drum corps is hard work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing like pushing yourself beyond your limits and finding yourself surpassing goals you didn’t even know you could reach.