Q&A with Charlotte Acevedo

Charlotte Acevedo

The fife line has always set the Crimson Kings apart from other drum corps. Traditionally corps are either fife & drum or drum & bugle, but rarely are there corps that integrate all three lines as a single unit. And teaching that line is the newest addition to the Crimson Kings instructional, Charlotte Acevedo. She is a flautist attending Lehman College majoring in music with a minor in psychology. Having played the flute since the 4th grade and also skilled at the piccolo, she brings a new dimension to the Corps. CK: Please describe your teaching style.

CA: My teaching style depends on what the Corps is working towards as a whole. I will usually incorporate some kind of theory lesson which is then followed by a warm up. After the warm up we begin working through the ensemble tunes. There is always a goal set in mind to help guide what will be taught that day.

CK: What goals are you setting for the fife line in 2012?

CA: My goal for my line this year is to play together as a line at the tempo that is set. I want them to learn how to practice. With knowing how to practice, their level of playing will increase. In turn, they can raise their standards of how far they would like to go with their instrument.

CK: What has been the most pleasant surprise so far working with the Crimson Kings?

CA: The most pleasant surprise was gaining a mini family by joining the team. The kids adapt so quickly to different styles and people. Everyone is extremely welcoming to anything that is thrown their way.

CK: What do you hope to bring to the Corps?

CA: I hope to help the Corps raise our number in members. I’d also like to establish a new sense of wanting to learn and play with a Corps.

CK: What are the biggest challenges so far?

CA: Considering the variety in age and skill, it has been a challenge to find an appropriate medium for the kids to learn at.

CK: What message would you like to say to the Corps?

CA: Enjoy what you do. The best thing that can be done is have fun with something that you love. Thank you for bringing me in to what has become another family in my life. You guys are pretty awesome! As to my fife line, practice! Make sure you are paying attention to everyone around you whether it be the instructors speaking, your peers as you’re playing, or even yourself so that you are monitoring what you are doing. With all of the funny moments we have had, I must say thank you for making every Friday & Sunday a time I know I will enjoy.

CK: What is your favorite thing about the drum corps activity?

CA: Performing is always fun but, I love practicing and watching the students work up to their goals the most.

CK: If your students can take one thing away from being a part of a drum corps, what would you hope it to be?

CA: I would like the students to take with them a sense of well roundedness. They can use what they have learned in the corps in any other field of study or work. It’s more than just a place to go practice, learn music, perform drills, and hang out for a while. It’s a second home to these students where they can learn about themselves and life too.