Q&A with Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan

A few weeks ago, we touted the return of the the horn line. Brass instructor Mark Morgan is a big part of the brass line's growth and the Corps' continued efforts to build a solid program for our members. He answered a few questions that'll give you a pretty good sense as to how great of an addition to the team he's been. Enjoy! CK: Please describe your teaching style.

MM: My style of teaching is guided by the end result. I have to have an idea of what is to be accomplished so that I can better communicate that to the members. I am a goals oriented instructor and expect those goals to be achieved by every member of the corps. Coming from a background in competitive drum and bugle corps, I know firsthand what it takes to compete and be pushed to creating a product that everyone can be proud of. At the end of the day, I want the members to feel good about the hard work they have put in and have fun in the process.

CK: What goals are you setting for the brass line in 2012?

MM: My goals for the brass line are for every member to raise their own standard of achievement. If a member has only been with the corps for a month or two, then I want them to be able to rise to the level of someone who has been in a year. If someone is older, then I would like for them to be able to demonstrate performing music that is beyond just the requirement. I would like for every member to want to push themselves so that it raises the level of the entire corps.

CK: What has been the most pleasant surprise so far working with the Crimson Kings?

MM: The sense of unity and friendship has stood out the most. Most of these kids are young and enjoy making music with their friends and gaining new ones. All of the members get along well with the staff and truly enjoy being apart of the corps.

CK: What do you hope to bring to the Corps?

MM: I hope to bring a different/unique perspective on approaching music. I want the kids to be excited about practicing their instruments and providing them with the tools needed to progress on their own, outside of rehearsals.

CK: What are the biggest challenges so far?

MM:The biggest challenge so far is getting everyone at the same level. There are kids who are brand new and some that have been playing for a couple of years. In a program where everyone is involved at the same time and not divided into groups based on experience, it is tough to find an even level to keep everyone at the same pace.

CK: What message would you like to say to the Corps?

MM: HAVE FUN!!!!! Although we are here to work hard and to learn, we are also here to have fun. I would like the entire corps to take pride in what we are trying to achieve and the end result will something worth boasting about.

CK: What is your favorite thing about the drum corps activity?

MM: Performing. Whether it is parades, concerts, or marching around the gym, having a chance to see the group perform is what it's all about.

CK: If your students can take one thing away from being a part of a drum corps, what would you hope it to be?

MM: That they have a sense of accomplishment. The skills that we are learning here are not just for music. These skills help prepare the kids to be successful in whatever they pursue. We teach discipline, order, and self motivation through music and marching. I think a lot of people could benefit from these important life skills.