Kickstarter Fundraiser

CKDC Kickstarter Flyer

HELP US RECORD OUR FIRST ALBUM. Our goal is to give our members a chance to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and parade at Disney World. However, we can’t apply for such events without a great recording. We would be eternally grateful if you could help us raise the funds needed to record, mix, and press a CD. To help, please make a pledge to our Kickstarter campaign! Pledges start at $5 and every pledge level receives a sweet reward for your generosity. We only have until 11:59PM on April 25 to raise enough money for this. The campaign only gets funded if we reach our goal. It’s all or nothing so please help us spread the word! Watch the video below to learn more.


Visit our Kickstarter page ! To make a pledge to the project, just click the green “Back This Project” button. Enter your pledge amount and select a reward. That's it! If the project is successfully funded by April 25th, your credit card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, the card is never charged.


The easiest way to help us out is to spread the word about our campaign! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, your blog, where ever! The greater the reach, the greater the chance of helping us reach our goal!

You can also spread the word "offline" by handing out flyers! We have flyers available for download to print below. It's available in both b/w and color!

Thank you for your continued support!